Common Golf Equipment & Training Mistakes

Common Golf Equipment & Training Mistakes

When golfers, especially new golfers, are training for the game, they tend to focus on their golf equipment more than their physical stature.

While investing in golf clubs like irons and woods is a great idea, golfing stores can’t help you improve your game unless you’re willing to improve yourself.

Discover some of the most common golf training mistakes so that you can avoid them and become the golfer you were meant to be.


Forgetting That Golfers Are Athletes

Some people don't realize it, but golf is a physical game. From walking around the green to driving balls down the fairway, golfers use their entire bodies when they’re on the course. To be able to put more power into your shots, you need to work on increasing your mobility and flexibility and improving your coordination.


Avoiding Weights

Many golfers think of the game as a hobby instead of a sport. These are the people who buy the best golf shoes and belong to a golf club or two, but never really progress with their game.

One reason is that they aren’t working out the right way. Cardio is great for weight loss, but golf is a game of endurance, and the only way to improve your swing is to build your muscles. That’s where weight training comes in. By lifting weights, you can tone your body and develop muscles to support you on the green.


Slacking Off Season

If you live up north, playing golf in January may be a pipedream, but just because there is snow covering the green doesn’t mean that golfers can sit the winter out. If you do, come spring your game will be subpar. Instead, find alternative ways to get your golf training in. You could find an indoor range, set up your own indoor putting green, or hit the gym to keep your muscles in shape.


Relying On Golf Equipment

One of the biggest mistakes golfers make is going to golfing stores and investing in golf equipment instead of working on themselves.

Yes, some golf equipment is necessary, like golf clubs and golf shoes, but when you’re starting out, you don’t need to get the fancy green reader or tracking system. Instead, work on your swing, practice driving shots at the range, and get in shape to improve your game.


Golf is a complex game that’s relaxing to some and stressful to others. By properly training, you can improve your score and your health.

So instead of getting the newest gadgets, lift some weights, keep moving, and only carry the basic golf equipment you need.

You might be surprised that by keeping your training simple, you can hit farther than ever before.

Alfredo Mendoza
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