About Us

Golf Deluxe was born out of love for the game.

At Golf Deluxe we believe golf is a lifetime sport and we can’t wait to share it with our customers. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or interested in taking your first lesson, Golf Deluxe provides quality products and services to get you there and beyond.

Our knowledgeable staff lives and breaths everything golf and understands our customers needs.

From buying your first set of clubs and getting fitted to exploring new brands and upgrading your equipment- Golf Deluxe will help you find the best tools to optimize your potential and play your best every time you swing.

Our team will guide you through choosing the right brands for your specific style allowing you to play confidentially. Golf Deluxe works with top industry leaders to provide the newest equipment and technology available.

Our comprehensive collection of clubs suit all types of players regardless of ability level. We work with our customers to improve their skills with the right equipment and keep them motivated to reach their goals.  

Become the best golfer you were destined to be with Golf Deluxe.

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